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Hustings for the Arts


National Campaign for the Arts



The arts community is mobilising. Once again the driving force is the National Campaign for the Arts group who are getting to grips with the masses, getting to grips with those seeking our votes in the General Election. The venues have decided, the candidates are bracing themselves and all that is needed is the support and commitment of as many arts workers and professionals as possible!!

Hustings are taking place in Dublin, Galway, Cork and Limerick on Next Monday morning, February 14th. The times and venues are as follows:

Limerick, Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick City: 10.45am

Dublin, Project Arts Centre, Templebar: 10.45am

Cork, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork City: 10:45am

Galway, Radisson Blu Hotel, Galway City, 10.45am

In Dublin the arts spokespersons from all five political parties will attend a meeting to outline their respective arts policies and answer your questions. In the other city venues prospective T.D.’s  from their respective constituencies will attend.

The National Campaign for the Arts website has further details on these events and also on their other projects and find out how to further support this group who are supporting arts workers and arts jobs nationwide.  Visit the website here:

If you cannot make the hustings then when canvassers come to your front door, and they will come! The NCFA lists the following questions to challenge them with:

  • Does your party have a policy for the arts?
  • What do you believe are important values for a healthy and flourishing society?
  • What values would you bring to Government that would make a difference?
  • Does your party recognize the vital and valuable contribution the arts and creative industries could make to our national economic and social recovery?
  • Will your party invest in the arts?

The lead-up to February 25th polling day will be a vital period for ensuring the voice of the Arts community is heard and recognised. Be informed and be heard!






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A Day for the Arts

Tomorrow will mark a nationwide and focused day of action and reflection for the country’s artists of all descriptions as they will meet with local and national representatives to raise awareness for the arts in Ireland.

For any sector or industry in Ireland, it is unprecedented for a singular group and a minority group to lobby so forcefully and so successfully for national recognition from politicians. The day of action is vital as it represents solidarity across the arts sector and places the arts community firmly at the forefront of proactive national recovery. The value to the Irish economy from the arts sector and the associated tourism and national recognition this provides is worth tens of millions every year.

‘Brand Ireland’ is a term that has been espoused a lot of late in terms of Ireland’s international identity. Creating and maintaining this brand of Ireland as a vibrant, multicultural and artistic nation is a program that will be met by the arts sectors of Ireland and will contribute to making Ireland and all of its regions and cities a hub of cultural activity.

The editorial comment in today’s Irish Times forces the fact the funding and also believing in the arts in Ireland is simply a good investment. The National Campaign for the Arts and tomorrow’s Day of Action will present a vision for the future and create and push that belief in the arts sector that every working member of the arts community has in spades.

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